TROPICAL PLANET, December 2-19, Fort Delta, Melbourne

‘Tropical Planet’ opens Wednesday December 2 from 6pm to 8pm at Fort Delta, Capitol Arcade (basement level), Swanston Street, Melbourne. Exhibition runs from December 2 – 19.

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In this exhibition, painting, as a slow and reflective practice, muses upon the lethargy, repetition and bliss of summer. Described through recurrent marks, colours and motifs, the work draws parallel the hermetic nature of time spent in the sub-tropics with the similarly insular experience of communication via the Internet.
In the north, bats peel fruit and drop sugar onto the old basketball ring. Storms scribe blonde zigzags across the afternoon and a black snake goes helix in the garden near the house. The banana-jungle rumbles with bird coos and mega insects, keeping you up at night, while outside on the balcony a diamond hangs from the rafters, swinging in ancient metrology. Keeping time, the heat wanders in and out too, like a Buddha-plump ghost haunting your holiday shack.
Meanwhile, real-time feels further and further away. The city and everyone that lives there are inside the computer so you send out hellos and cartoon hieroglyphs to keep in touch. Some favourites: perky dolphins, peace fingers, hibiscus, happy palms. Those tiny symbols, used for chatting, are based on these sorts of paradises; they are contemporary culture’s short hand, making cute the most ancient of natural forms. Meanwhile, eternal ways-and-means keep rolling: palm fronds lax against the walls of the house like drunks, a goanna shifts the morning, jellyfish arrive on cue, and shark parades terrorise the coast.
As part of an ongoing interest in sitelessness, and a landscape that moves fluidly between here-and-there, the work in Tropical Planet shifts between representation and abstraction to reflect upon a planet synched to the sun.

‘Lagoon (thumbnail sketch)’, 2015, oil on linen, 162 x 193 cm